• Enemy Skills

    In order to learn an Enemy Skill the character who has the Enemy Skill Materia equipped needs to be hit with it, and survive that battle. Some enemies need to be manipulated in order to perform the Enemy Skill, while you will have to wait for others to be cast. You can manipulate enemies using the yellow Manipulate Command Materia.

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    Did you storm Shinra or sneak in?

    Thread Starter: ToriJ

    What it says on the tin (I have become like Wolf!)

    I always snuck in through the staircase and then by the guards because it just seemed

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    Don Corneo's Choice

    Thread Starter: ToriJ

    Who did Don Corneo choose when you arrived at his mansion? Did you go the extra mile to be the one he chose to enter his chambers or did that honor go

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    FINAL FANTASY VII Concert To Be Held In Japan This June

    Thread Starter: Aulayna

    SQUARE ENIX have announced that they will be treating fans to a FINAL FANTASY VII Symphony Concert in Tokyo this summer. Nobuo Uematsu will

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    EOFF Chocobo Mayhem: The Search for Blue Sperm

    Thread Starter: Bubba

    So I decided to name all my good/great chocobos after members of EOFF to see which of you would be the most potent producer of quality chocobos. Obviously

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    Forsaken Lover

    Mad Scientist Killed While Sun TanningF

    Thread Starter: Forsaken Lover

    FFVII is a very kooky game and one of the kookiest parts is when you happen upon Hojo - diabolical mastermind and source of all evil in the world - taking

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    Beginner's Hall

    Thread Starter: ToriJ

    This place is creepy as smurf. The save points, treasure chests and cursors are talking to you and Cloud is just like, "Whatever." Did someone

    Last Post By: Mercen-X Today, 01:06 AM Go to last post

    Who did you give the flower to?

    Thread Starter: ToriJ

    After buying the flower from Aerith in Sector 8 who did you give it to when you reached 7th Heaven and why?

    I usually give it to Marlene

    Last Post By: Mercen-X Today, 01:11 AM Go to last post

    Don't attack when the tail is up

    Thread Starter: ToriJ

    How many of you attacked when the tail was up? Either out of a derp moment or because you already had an attack locked in and the boss lifted its tail

    Last Post By: Mercen-X Today, 01:18 AM Go to last post

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