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  1. Thank you! What movie is this from?
  2. Thought you might enjoy this:
  3. Not like he hasn't been trying to get away from EVA for almost twenty years.
  4. I love that the tag line is “Bye bye, all of Evangelion”. It feels like Anno saying “alright you smurfing weebs, here’s your movie. Leave me alone.”
  5. Well it will be interesting to see it end finally. I imagine it's going to be even tripper than anything we've seen before.
  6. Both those things plus because of the content of that novel and the fact that there’s no (Not) this time.
  7. Because it's the title of a pulp sci-fi novel, or because it seems like a joke that this is the third ending to Evangelion if you don't count the thirty manga spin-offs or games?
  8. So apparently the subtitle for Eva 3.0+1.0 is “Thrice Upon a Time”. Just that title choice is enough for me to lose it.
  9. Always the best course of action. I can still let you know how it is by the end of each game So I played a bit today after a longer break and had pretty much no problem getting back into it, so it definitely has that going for it.
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