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  1. The most important topic, natch.
  2. talking about dicks, classic jinx
  3. Man our usernote history is wild.
  4. AW trout WADDUP
  5. I was not able to get QFC, but plz write story with me anyways?
  6. Was literally discussing this in Private Feedback. I like.
  7. Okay, but you have to finally change your name to Quintucky Fried Chicken. I'VE BEEN PETITIONING FOR LIKE 6 smurfIN YEARS
  8. You have to help me write the story of Psychotic's Christmas Adventure. It can't just be me a jj touching each other.

  9. You have more posts than me.
  10. What will you be wearing when I beat you?

    Because whatever it is, IT'S YOUR FAULT.
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