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  1. I only ever played the first one.
  2. The max file size allowed is around 500kb. Just use powerpoint to reduce the file size if you dun have any image editing software. That is what I did with my Death of a Fansite Let's Play.
  3. Not sure how to do that. Every time I try to upload, I get yelled at that the file is too big.
  4. You can upload to this site! That is what I did years ago till now!
  5. Pencil sketches. I kept them all from my one art class I took in college. I'll see if I can find a way to upload them, but sadly all of the photo sites like Photobucket and Tumblr seem to be a bit stupid lately.
  6. What a shame! Are they like pencil sketches or like painting??
  7. The camera one. The files are too big.
  8. Huh? What did you use to draw? Some high tech software or you took pictures of your artworks with an Ultra HD camera?
  9. Now I remember why I haven't uploaded any of them. The files are too big.
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