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  1. No worries here mate, hope you're good too!
  2. Oh lol i haven't xD I forgot you knew what i looked like, fun day as it was i got super drunk for my standards :x Also hope you two are doing alright lol
  3. xD Have you seen the V character? Looks like you!
  4. what? xD
  5. Sarah and I just saw some Devil May Cry 5 video and we had no idea you were the character model for V!
  6. Ah so its vermachtnis who said "TMI" when I said "im coming nex"
    silly vermachtnis. I was only getting armour and a lance from nexus
  7. Anytime! As for who is who - check out this page:
  8. Thanks bob and ypur crew for helping on xiv. Idk who anyone is but they helped so thanks
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