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  1. You gotta make sure people know what they're getting into, right?

    lol we both know you still don't have any friends <3

    The good news is my memory is terrible, so I've forgotten half of what I know and the other half I can't recall how I know it, so it's untrustworthy.
  2. At least you're honest about it.

    I know, right? Though looking back at teenage me I can see why I didn't have any friends.

    Except you, Quin. You know too much.
  3. Honey, I am the Ren Faire right now! Because I'm riddled with syphilis and cholera.

    Yeah, I was scoping those out recently, too! 200xs were some fun years, huh? God, we're so old now.
  4. Also, I have been looking back at some of our old usernotes. We've had some smurfing weird conversations over the years.
  5. Mead? You went to the Ren Faire without me? Again?
  6. That is an outrageous and wildly inflammatory claim....

    That my umbrage at might hold more credibility if I wasn't currently bottling 20 litres of mead. xD
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if you drunkenly changed it yourself, pissboy.
  8. Hey, I never asked for this! I woke up one morning and was a changed man.

    It originally said "A pint of Quinness", so I asked to have it capitalised, at which point (pissboy) was justly added. xD
  9. So... you changed your name again and *didn't* go with Quince of Darkness? For shame.
  10. Yeah, that sounds about right. xD
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