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  1. The thing for me was, I played the first one because I thought it had Phoenix Wright vibes, so yes. And then it was mental, but also still great so I enjoyed the experience. But I never really got the whole ultimate despair thing. I mean yeah it was kind of stinky what Sayaka did, and Chihiro and Sakura were both sad moments, but it was still just kind of typical twist story stuff. I had a good time with that game!

    But then in 2, there was the whole friendship mechanic. And I went out of my way to make friends with Mikan. I felt sorry for her, with everyone constantly abusing her. I thought it would be nice for her to have at least one person around who wasn't a total dick. She was the first person I maxed the friendship bar with!

    And I never saw it coming. And not even for like, good reasons. To actually be playing for the other team.

    When that trial finished, I remember just turning the game off and sitting there for about 20 minutes trying to process everything. And then I noticed it - Despair. I felt despair for my lost friend, who had so badly lost her way. Despair that I couldn't save her from the path of madness.

    I legit refused to play the game for three days. I think I was in mourning!

    smurf me I love those games, I really need to play 3 hahahah
  2. DUDE. Okay, so I'm still working through D3, but that trial was so stinking hard for me because I genuinely didn't think there was any way she could be the killer. Usually I'm good at figuring them out, but I had to guess everyone else before her.

    I know it's a little simpy, but Mikan and Sakura are my two favorite characters in the series.
  3. i was prepared to come in and do the usual visitor message "somewhat aloof but isn't it oh so cool" tropes but then I noticed you and paul talking about danganronpa and now I'm just sad I missed out on it

    Mikan broke my heart
  4. what's good, son
  5. i love you you absolute paragon of rippling manhood
  6. Did you hear about ULTROS? I heard he's not an octopus. Oh no, he's actually someone's pubic lice. That's why he's so salty.

    Also explains the tentacles.
  7. i like you you are spicy
  8. i like you you are warm
  9. DAN
  10. SAM
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