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  1. Ah Jiro.

    Mine too, I'm sure we can share stories, ive been pretty down but in troutty English weather XD its probably the weather doing it to me!

    mate, I'd love to visit Aus, small problem that you're the other side of the world. I don't think I could hack the jet lag XD I couldnt handle America, I just slept all day every day!

    Its a new year, leave 2015 battles in 2015. I know i have~
  2. It's been good here. I mean, I'm outrageously depressed and my life is full of disaster and disappointment but we can't win every battle! I managed to have a bbq on both Christmas and Boxing Day, and I've only had to wear clothes three times since Decemeber 26 because it's way too hot and I'm enjoying my videogames and doctoral work in underwear. Wouldn't swap this for a white Christmas but you're welcome to come hang out if ever you're in the neighbourhood, we can put on a great holiday season for you
  3. im good thanks jiro. hows aussie treating you? its mad you have bbqs at christmas, so so jealous, wanna swap?
  4. Luigi is the best. I'm a massive fan of his stare; it's something I would love to get down pat. How've you been, Zeldy? I hope life is treating you well.
  5. I love your signature. I love evil stare Luigi XD also i remember you, you're the aussie! hello again!
  6. Ouch, gonna be tough living with out photoshop. I have a illegally acquired copy of the portable version which is pretty bogus, but then again I'm pretty bogus with art anyway so it all evens out Hopefully you can be reunited with it soon and we can see some more nice signatures!
  7. I don't even HAVE photoshop now to make any more! how terrible is that! but thankyouuu.
  8. I am pleased to see this signature back!
  9. Changing eye colour can be really fun! I love when eyes change because the different colours bring out different features and highlight beauty
    My eyes are pretty cool sometimes, they're just brown but then I get green and hazel nebulae in them. They go really dirty yellow when I'm sick though :/
  10. aww, gee xD they're a green/blue/yellow blergh, they can never decide! Im sure you have pretty eyes too!
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