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  1. can you make hot characters OH MAN I AM SO EXCITED do I have to get past a bit first before playing with the wider community? OH MAN THE OPPORTUNITIES
  2. Well, your return to the forum was short and sweet and very much welcome, but that's that. I will see you in game in a million years.
  3. well when it finally downloads in like 300 hours, ill play! and i have a very additctive personality, so I'll say my farewells now XD
  4. Awww neat! It's fun! When you get on Sarganatas (because you'll get on Sarganatas) give BoB a shout and he'll invite you to our neato guild!

    And it depends on how addictive a personality you are. My life is the same as it was before but I know many people who have become lost to it. xD
  5. Ive just downloaded XIV (first i knew about it) how different is my life going to be now?
  6. I am very much a civil servant! But, I am literally sat on the phone for 7 hours a day with people shouting at me because they don't owe anything. So it is not quite inspector level.

    Free is tempting... Maybe after Christmas. Just like my new diet and exercise regime.
  7. That's a very noble profession, are you technically a civil servant? my mums a tax inspector, probably a bit different for you?

    do codeacademy with me, its dead easy you know and free!
  8. Perfect Christmas 2015 tbh. Enjoy it!

    Long story short I am a debt collector for the Tax Office. It's not terrible, really, and there is so much opportunity for upwards movement that I stick it out.

    Aye feel free to teach me everything you know.
  9. certainly in a much better position than i was before the job, and fortunately i still don't have any responsibilities (other than my cat obvs) and live somewhere cheap so i was just like smurf ya, ill have christmas off paid with my notice period XD

    what do you do?

    Ive been smashing code academy, learning HTML & CSS - I'll get some tips off you one day!
  10. Ah well, as long as you got some decent experience and transferable skills, it wasn't all a waste of your precious life. But yeah, getting outta sales is probably a good idea. Not that I can comment since I have a terrible job which is comparable to sales work but heyho, gotta do what you gotta do. I was thinking about self-teaching some basic coding and stuff, but uh, I am infinitely lazy so I ain't gonna be doin' that any time soon.

    Cool. EoFF has been fairly quiet the past few months, but it's always chugging away. :3
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