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  1. XD im not doing anything as im now an unemployed bum. but im learning to code cause why the hell not and it can get me out of sales which i think has slowly been draining my life away. if i hadn't been made redundant, I'd have alot more to tell you but they dumped me

    and i will stay!
  2. It's almost like you've never been in the UK before. Glasgow is the same, rainy as always. Winter rains are even better!

    I am... not doing very much. Workin' hard. Playin' lots. Chillin' always. Not spoken to you in years and the best I got is "yeah things are good". WHAT ABOUT YOU!

    And I've seen them pop back when there's a mass influx of people back into EoFF for a single thread, but they don't stick around longer than that. xD
  3. It does smell pretty bad. Last I heard from you, you were in London or something. I dunno.

    Man, from the old days? Uh... Me. I mean, there are others from when you were around last, but nobody from our little clique of nonsense (I don't think). We all grew up and all that noise.
  4. from smelly Manchester

    o noez i cant promise that cant promise that AT ALL who else is still active??
  5. jesus christ where did you emerge from

    but yes be on your best behaviour m8 or i'll get ya
  6. you're a cid's knight now?? does that mean I have to be nice to you? also HELLO :joey:
  7. hahahahahahahhah amazing.
  8. Cookie is lame and doesn't appreciate new cool things.
  9. I'm bored. Usernote for thee~
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