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  1. Rockin' - shoot me a /tell on FFXIV once you're on Sargatanas server. See you there!
  2. i'm the same, we have a lot of stories to tell! I hope you're well though, and it feels great to be back. It was time! so i dont plan on going again.

    i look forward to it, speak soon matey
  3. Awwww, that's great! We have a very healthy sized FC and a bunch of people you might recognise amongst them. I lead it and you're in the right timezone to get the most out of it, although it's "open all hours" so to speak. Really glad to have you back btw, it's been way too long. My life hit the highest highs and lowest lows while you've been afk! Someday we'll have to catch up on things.
  4. thanks dan im downloading FFXIV (first i knew about it) i look forward to playing with you (sounds funny that doesnt it)
  5. Someone doesn't stop by EoFF enough anymore. >=(
  6. Shauna still posts, I think! Spiffing and you, well, I keep up almost exclusively on Facebook. Perhaps they will post more if you post more, though.

    But but but there's me and Psy and Baloki and Shlup and Murd and well pretty much everyone on staff is someone you should remember. And most of the other people, really. There aren't that many new people! But yay for you posting and yay for you intending on sticking around. Now the only thing you need to do is take a trip to Edinbugger and meet up with Danielle and myself. I WILL KEEP NAGGING UNTIL YOU DO. As my e-daughter, you have an obligation to visit once in a while. *nod* We should arrange for you to visit next August, and then I can nag a few other people into coming along, too...
  7. Every one I remember from EoFF aren't here any more, not all of them, it isn't right, e-Dad, IT ISN'T RIGHT. I need my cookie, shauna and spiffing_cheese! ill see if i can stick around for a bit though, nice to hear from people again!
  8. Zeldyback ^_____^
  9. Loony Bawb is a squishy bunny thing
  10. Hi Bawb! ^___^
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