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  1. You may like this: The Dogist
  2. I'm putting together a photo book, and came across my South Island pictures. I'd like to see yours sometime, if you ever feel like sharing.
  3. Awesome! I'll probably make tacos again on Friday
  4. I'm glad you liked it! And I just saw the message about the taco breakfast. I had tacos for breakfast twice this week.
  5. I just tried making the first sauce you posted in the spaghetti thread. It's not bad!
  6. If you have a lot of t shirts, you should make a quilt. I'm making one out of all my old band t-shirts!
  7. I have decided that tacos are the best breakfast food.
  8. It looks like Hogwarts!! I wish I could come hang out but this week has been absolutely frantic and busy and now I'm gearing up for 3 full days of shooting.
  9. This is roughly what the Morrison Library looks like; there aren't many good photos online because they don't allow pictures to be taken, so this doesn't do it justice. If you'd like to walk over with me this week, let me know:
  10. My first hannah repping <3! I was excited. Also, reading your eoeo posts makes me slightly less hesitant about posting in a rageful manner.
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