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  1. You should do discount shoots where you just sit in a chair and the subject stands in front of you. xD
  2. I'm scared of how much bigger I'm gonna get, honestly. But the babies are stacked in a way that at least I don't have a crazy looking twin belly. I googled some pics awhile back to see how I might look and there are some CRAZY ass bellies out there! I think I got lucky in how the babies are positioned so that the belly doesn't look freakish.

    The thing with shooting is that very rarely am I just standing and shooting, most of the time I'm squatting or standing on stuff or even laying on the ground. And I can't do any of that kind of stuff anymore. =/

    But on the bright side, I'm not on bed rest! Woohoo!
  3. Well you look perfect! Though now that you say you've had to cancel shoots because you're waddling too much, I'm having some schadenfreude over thinking about how much bigger you've yet to grow. At least when you're super uncomfortable you can take comfort in knowing your big twin belly makes you look like a goddess. I love pregnant bellies; I want another one!
  4. Nooo, I look huge for only being 29 weeks! I went in for a prenatal massage last week and when I told the girl I was 28 weeks along, she literally stopped what she was doing and looked up at me and was like, "whaaa?" And then I clarified that I was having twins and she was like, "Aahhhhh, that makes sense." I have a friend who is 1 week ahead of me and she's HALF as big! Half!! Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder how much smaller I would be if I only had one inside. I thought I would be able to keep working for another few weeks, but I had to make the call and cancel any shoots past this coming weekend. I can only waddle at this point.
  5. I saw your belly on Twitter and holy hell do you look amazing. I'll bet with a perfect figure like that everyone calls you a liar when you tell them you've got twins in there!
  6. Yeah, that show is really dark. I'd say darker than Dexter. I've been marathoning the crap out of it though... Bryan Cranston appeals to me greatly in a mostly non-sexual way. I'm almost done with season three.
  7. Whaaaat??? It took me forever to get caught up on Breaking Bad, because it's so dark I can't watch it marathon style. The season 4 finale is nuts though.
  8. It does look pretty. And I'll need something new to watch in a couple of days anyway. I started watching Breaking Bad a couple of days ago, and I'm almost caught up. Ever since I've started crafting a lot, I've started watching an insane amount of TV while I sit and craft. xP
  9. I heard about it like 2 weeks ago, and I've already finished the first season and caught up on the 2nd season. It's SO PRETTY. Like, pretty pretty.
  10. Never heard it. Just watched a promo though and you can't lose when Maggie Smith is involved. Downloading!
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