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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, man. Are things better now?

    I've been okay -- I work a lot now, so I don't get to spend nearly the time I used to on gaming and forums, and I picked up Magic about a year ago, soooooo . . . that's been eating up my money. I feel like a wonderfully productive part of society now, absolutely aimless and going nowhere, but feeding the machine all the same! \ /
  2. Going good. I developed a mental illness three years ago, and that's why I've been gone for as long as I have been. How about yourself?
  3. I was surprised to see you -- you've been gone for a while. How are things going?
  4. Good to see you're still around. Now I just need maybee to come back and I'll be in business.
  5. Only in the fridge with all the food.
  6. Ack! x_X Is it feeling crowded there?
  7. I haven't even heard of World Destruction League before now.

    I know how that feels. Just replace roommates with parents. My brother has moved back in, too.
  8. You should look at both Battletanx games AND World Destruction League in the same video! >: D Or, maybe, make a three video series and look at each of the games. I've never heard anything good about WDL, so I'd be curious to see what you think of it.

    Honestly, I'm about as flexible as a person can be when it comes to a job right now -- I don't even care if it pays well, as long as it pays. I've got two roommates that are, effectively, carrying me at the moment, and that drives me absolutely insane.
  9. They offer being able to use places like Epoxy (which lets you post on different social media all from one place) for free, and a bunch of other resources to improve your videos. I still need to look into the community, though since I'm not sure where the community converse at yet. They also deal with Google AdSense directly so I don't have to worry about all that. I also made a new Review thread for here if you're interested. I want to review the BattleTanx games at some point. Not sure if I should do the first one, skip it in favor of Global Assault, or try looking at both games in the same video.

    Sounds great, and hopefully! Good luck in your job search. Any idea where'd you want to work or are you flexible as long as it pays well?
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