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  1. The issue I find with most guides these days is they mostly reference the DS version. A lot of my assessment comes from trying to remember my playthrough. I even went back to some old screenshots to see what I was rolling with.

    For the final stretch up until needing to fight Bahamut and tackling Eureka, my team was Two Dark Knights, a Knight, and a white mage. I actually used a full team of Black Belt's to conquer Eureka, and then I used the Ninja/Sage combo for the Crystal Tower and World of Darkness.

    For the section you were in though, I actually didn't have a dedicated healer and rolled with a number of team builds just to see what the classes can do. I know I dropped Geomancer fairly quickly just because Backfire is a pain in the ass. Yet I used an Evoker and Bard a bit longer than I expected. I also used a Dragoon for quite awhile until I reached Falgabard and access to the awesome Dark Swords.
  2. Yeah, I’m probably gonna do that if only because it’s gonna be totally different to any of my previous playthroughs. I just think it’s such a waste that I can’t use all the cool looking summoners, magi, and other jobs that I barely use but always look neat I think the main reason I’m not really comfortable experimenting so much in III is that I feel that investing in jobs I won’t use amounts to a sunk cost. Like I can experiment freely in V because I know that I’ll get some tangible progress from it that I can use even if I never go back to that job. But fine, I’ll try to shake up my party. I really did want to do that but the limited equipment options for most of the new jobs are really holding me back. I’ll go with Magic Knigh, Black Belt, Evoker, and the last one is gonna be either a white mage or a bard but I have no idea if I can even survive without a white mage for a while.

    But yeah, this is exactly why I said I needed you I can’t experiment if I don’t know what the jobs really do, and the guides online are for the most part incredibly biased, with evokers and bards very often being dismissed as absolute trash. You can at least give me a solid rundown and a fair assessment
  3. I opted for the classic. Other jobs are viable but you'll need to grind some HP for the classes and possibly be a higher level. Flarewave is a beast of an attack so having two healers and two people doing max damage every round is the best strategy, which is why the Ninja/Sage combo is popular. I think Evastio showed an alternate team build you can use, but again, I think he stressed you need to push that HP up high if you want to make it work. Considering the DS version of the two classes are nowhere near as good as their NES counterparts, I'd just play with them and save yourself the headache.
  4. Sounds reasonable, and fairly similar to how it is in III DS. So did you do the classic 2 Ninjas 2 Sages setup or are other jobs viable?
  5. I was Lv. 53 going into Crystal Tower when I finished the game. I imagine my team was close Lv. 55-56 when I beat Cloud of Darkness.
  6. What level is reasonable for attempting the final dungeon, do you think?
  7. I always come back to the idea of getting a Pink Tail every playthrough, though for me, I'd likely just get one and call it good. I don't see the point in grinding five sets. Even the Onion Gear in IVDS, I gave up fairly quickly.

    The nice things about FEOK though is their is an equipment glitch in the original that allows you to change a starting item into any item you want, including the Onion Gear. Takes way less time than grinding the dragons. Leveling is also super easy in this game by the end. Just go to Bahamut's Lair with a team of Blackbelt's and grind away.
  8. lol yeah no I won’t bother. It’s not that I’m looking for a challenge really, it’s more that I just want to do all the optional stuff. Stuff like that is where I draw the line. Which is also why I never did and don’t intend to ever farm for pink tails in FFIV
  9. Fully Equipped Onion Knights. The Onion Knights have unique gear only they can use and they are the best gear in the game. They are randomly dropped from dragons in the final dungeon or you can use the item trick to give them to you for free. Likewise, you would need to grind to Lv. 99 to make the Onion Knights good in the first place since their stats are pitiful until Lv. 91.
  10. What does that mean?
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