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  1. omg that's a great picture! Thank you WK!
  2. Doing alrighty! Just checking in on you honestly! How are ya?
  3. Hey how ya doing?
  4. Oh, I'll get on that! Yeah, Discord isn't as fast-paced as you may think. It can be sometimes. We have sub chats for different things too so you can just hang in FF and vidya or if you want to talk about shows you can stay in the lounge. It's still active enough you'll get replies though
  5. Oh, now you're trying to guilt me are you? That might work if I had a heart.

    I might join up before I start seriously considering making second and third accounts so I can have someone to talk to on the forums. Also, you need to send me a mognet message for my census. I only have one girl entry so far.
  6. yeah okay.

    They just were lamenting in discord how they think you'd be a great person to chat with there and it was a shame you wouldn't come grace us with your presence.

  7. You know I don't do well in social situations. It took my mother years to convince me that spitting in someones face wasn't a good sign of affection.
  8. i'm here to peer pressure you into joining discord
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