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  1. DQI is pretty straightforward. My only real advice is that once you reach a new town with shops, to grind until you can get all the new gear before really exploring. The game can be pretty brutal since you are by yourself and your skills are limited.
  2. I haven['t played XIV yet, I only acquired a copy for the PS3 thanks to my GF but my internet connection is kind of wonky here outside of my PC. While I enjoyed XI to some degree, it kind of taught me that MMO's are just not my thing. I could never maintain much of a commitment for them.
  3. Started DQ I! Any tips?
  4. I don't think I'd mind that. I'm kinda not going into this series expecting sweeping plots, but I would ideally want to play them in order. So I'll try to hunt it down!

    By the way, our main Polish network of general stores will be holding a huge video game sale, and they're selling FFXIV at half the usual price! And since we'll be buying my wife a new laptop soon, I was thinking it could be a good chance to try the game Have you played XIV?
  5. DQIX is interesting... its game structure is built around the DS and being a portable experience. Sadly the stories in it are not quite as memorable or interesting as the ones in earlier entries but it's still a solid game with an interesting take on the job class system. My main beef is that the game is obviously built around the post-game being the meat of the game.
  6. What about DQ IX?
  7. All of the DS remakes are really good. I figured the iOS entries are not too bad either. The remakes in general fix many of the UI issues the series always struggled with and added more content to make them feel a bit less...hollow if that makes any sense. Of anything, play DQV if you can. IV is okay and VI is still the only entry I haven't played but DQV is pretty well rounded and offers a bit more than the typical DQ gameplay.
  8. Oh, and one more thing. I've only ever played DQ VIII - would you recommend the DS games in the series? I'd like to get into this series more. They have I-VI on iOS, but I'd rather play the ones I can on my DS, so I'd probably only try I-III on my phone. Sadly, the DS games are super hard to get nowadays...
  9. Figured you would like it. I should gather my funds and see if I can pick up XCX before it disappears like the original Xenoblade. I don't own a Wii U but I still want to support Monolith Soft.
  10. I know, I heard about it. It's gonna be a tactical RPG, right? I can't wait!

    Also, cool article!
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