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  1. Hey there I heard you guys finally got Xenoblade Chronicles. I am so happy for you! I am also relieved everybody is so satisfied with the game - it was so perfect to me I was starting to get worried I was just being delusional. Having fun?
  2. Yeah, I know... Hopefully it'll soon be normal. I mean, what's the problem with releasing games both here and the US? Sometimes I feel like I'm part of some God-forsaken video game ghetto... -_-
  3. Oy, I forgot Namco screwed you guys, they only gave you the weakest entry in the series. Here I'm bitching cause they didn't release Pied Pier or Xenosaga I-II(DS) here. Honestly, I'm happy for the PAL regions cause you guys get screwed all the time, granted, you got Terranigma and we didn't but most people have never heard of that game...
  4. And I can guarantee it will be the best choice you'll have ever made Seriously, my mind cannot grasp NoA's way of thinking... Not only have the reviewers loved it, but sales are incredible. If that's not a reason to release it in the States, then I don't know what is... Especially since they don't have to bother with the localization, since everything is already done (unless they want to replace the terrific British voice acting with American, which, with all due respect, since I prefer American accents myself, would be completely pointless). Hope they come to their senses. At least you guys got all the Xenosagas We only got one - II -_- That sure pushed me into modding my PS2...
  5. I've decided that if Nintendo of America doesn't announce any of the Operation Rainfall games by year's end, I'm importing and modding my Wii
  6. It's pretty neat I love the artwork and I also tried to read it, but there's just so much information there, that I couldn't grasp it all in one read. Made me want to play Xenogears again... So I started a new game recently Though this is mostly because I am now far away from my Wii and can't finish Xenoblade
  7. Yes I have, I actually own a digital copy I found somewhere, so I've seen some of the unused artwork as well. ^_^
  8. I was wondering if you've read Xenogears Perfect Works? I recently cane across a translated version on the net and it is HUGE.
  9. Thanks! Sleep well
  10. The politics are really interesting as well as the story behind how Pakistan came to be.

    Also, the BA isn't what it used to be here in the states, its getting to the point where Masters is the only way you can stay out of crappy jobs. I also took time off from school so I've been doing the education game far longer than I should.

    Anyway, its almost 4am here, I need some Zzzz... Good luck on your exams
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