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  1. I was kinda curious about your attitude towards western RPGs. I know I've been a hater for quite some time, but after I persuaded my GF into playing FFVII, she talked me into playing Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment... And I liked those!
  2. I feel the writers do a great job making interesting characters. In the past everyone was weird but now everyone is more realistic yet still engaging. I'm curious to see how the future of the franchise will go.
  3. And the Greek ones are the most popular gods anyway, so it's nice they use something fresh. The amount of deities in the SMT games is astonishing, so they still have a lot to choose from. All in all, a return to the roots of the series would be nice, since from what I've heard they were much darker, but I still loved the way the story progressed in P3 and P4. I don't think I was ever so attached to game characters.
  4. Traditionally it has always been Greek deities used for the story persona. P4 was the first to break that tradition but really its mostly because they were starting to run out. It could be anything, so Slavic wouldn't be too far off.
  5. Perhaps Whatever it is, let's hope it wilk be as original. I'm also curious about the pantheon the party'll be using as personae. P3 and P4 used Greek and Shinto deities respectivelly (with the exception of Isis and Messiah), so my best bet for the next installment is either Hindu or Egyptian gods, though I wpuld personally like to see something more original, like Gnosticism. Though what I'm dying to see as the cast's personae is Slavic deities. Seriously, I even came up with an idea of a Persona doujinshi taking place in my country and the characters summoning personae from the Slavic pantheon ^^ Alas, my drawing skills still need to be worked on for that to happen...
  6. I'm sure they will come up with something. P3 did the Sailor Moon/ anime school kids deal with the cast living normal life by day and fighting evil by night. P4 did crime drama, god knows what P5 is going to try and do. Historical piece maybe?
  7. I came to the same conclusion. Izanami even mentioned being part of the collective unconscious, so I guess it fits. Too bad the creators never actually confirmed it. Perhaps P5 will shed some light? Also, I loved how P4's story was constructed in a non-typical way. I mean, how many RPGs are there that use the criminal story model? We need something as fresh for P5.
  8. I still believe that the final bosses of P3:The Answer and P4 are actually Nylarthotep since he is a shapeshifter and their nature fits in with his personality and goals.
  9. I heard about those. Interestingly, I noticed that while P2 has throwbacks to P1, P4 does the same with P3.
    I also agree the deities should be back. Though they say the butterflies are a sign Philemon is watching us, Nyarlathotep is just plai evil! >:]
  10. I love it alot though it wouldn't hurt to bring back some elements from previous installments. Technically, my #1 request would be to bring Philemon and Nylarthotep back. The dueling gods made the first two games very interesting.

    I also miss some of the bizarre crap you could do in P1/2 with hidden enemies and some of the strange sidequests. A few cameos would be awesome as well. I like how in P2 you get a lot of your ultimate weapons from bumping into the cast of P1.
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