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  1. Oh yeah, I agree. I actually wasn't that big a fan of the system with my first playthrough of P3, but it grew on me and think it is one of the best inventions of the series.
  2. I think it will come along as time goes by, I was toying with the idea of maximizing negative feelings as well. I thought it would be interesting if you could have antagonizing relationships that allowed you to create unique Personas. I also want to see more group endevors and maybe have to deal with scheduling groups and dealing with two social links not liking each other. Seriously, there is a lot of area to expand on the concept.
  3. That's a relief, then ;D Anyhow, yeah, i heard about the Shinjiro thing and I think that is one of the most interesting aspects of the game. I wonder how love would change that guy. Also, given how short a period of time he is in the party, it might be hard to max him out.
    Anyway, I think that social links should have a bigger impact on the story in the future releases. For example, in P4 Yukiko was my MC's girlfriend, yet aside from the social link events, she did not act like it.
  4. As far as I know, Ken works out like the girl at the shrine in P3. Ken's first crush kinda deal but nothing pedo lol. The one that has me interested is that the girl can apparently date Shinji...
  5. To me, the scenes at the beginning where Yukiko talks to him alone indicate that she likes him more than the others. I guess he's more like a bud to Chie, while Rise might just be this teen having a crush on a senpai, even though it's actually nothing serious (though I haven't finished her social link, so I cannot be sure).
    As for P3, to me it also seemed logical that Minato would be with Yukari. Sucks to be her, with him sacrificing himself and all...
    What is more disturbing, I heard that in P3P, when playing as a girl, you can start a relationship with Ken. What next? Koromaru?
  6. The funny thing is that FES actually adds a scene where Minato's friends try to cover for him with all the girls he's dating. I think canonically, if The Answer is any evidence, Minato wound up with Yukari since she gives the impression in the game that she was in love with him. Aegis... her situation is complicated and even in her social link she confirms her feelings for him spark from their past.

    I didn't really have a problem with the supposed "cheating" cause I felt it was more of a programming oversight. I liked P4's system but was sad that you can't get Naoto until a New Game +. As for who that lead should wind up with... I actually think its more obvious that Rise likes him more than the other girls, though Naoto also seems to like him a bit more than just a friend (but this could be out of professional respect.
  7. I never did that. Anyhow, I found that weird that every girl on the party (Mitsuru only if you had the top score) had the hots for the MC, including Aigis (there's a social link with her in FES, or did I hear wrong?), who is a ROBOT! There was one thing I did like about P4's social links - while in P3 the only way to max out all the social links with the girls was to CHEAT on all of them, which I am strongly opposed to and couldn't get myself to do it , whereas in 4 you could be in a relationship with the one you like, and be just friends with the others, with which my conscience felt much better

    Oh yeah, I think Kanji should be with Naoto, Rise might end up with Teddie (not so gross now that he's human), Chie and Yosuke are way too obvious, IMO, while the MC and Yukiko are made for each other At least that's how I saw it in my playthrough... What is wrong with me?! I never "shipped" anyone before! >:[
  8. So do I but it seems as least as far as the original game was concerned, Mitsuru only thinks of him as a close friend. Especially since you can sweep her off her feet if you wanted to.
  9. That might be interesting. Though in my mind's eye, I always imagined him ending up with Mitsuru
  10. After reading how much of the social links have changed in the girl's campaign for P3P, I feel it will be awesome to see the feature used in the future titles. I'm looking forward to dating Akihiko
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