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  1. Have you got the Final Cut? I haven't tried any of the new quests yet.
  2. Yah, I feel like you'd have to min-max a fair bit!
  3. I want to try it at least once but I feel like I need to work up to it.
  4. Ooh, yeah, I haven't even looked at Hardcore mode xD
  5. I once agreed with the Racist Lorry Driver but then felt so bad I spent the rest of the game trying to be perfectly behaved. Which, as you know, is *very* difficult.

    I've yet to try Hardcore Mode, but I imagine it'd be fun failing all the checks :P
  6. I failed a check dancing in the church and accidentally insulted him, and I honestly don't think I've felt worse in a video game.
  7. Yeah Kim is such a cinnamon roll, I don't want to hurt him.
  8. I keep wanting to lean into the super racist fascist, but I can't do that to my sweet boy Kim.
  9. Me too!! I'm wondering what kind of character to play next. Maybe a fascist?
  10. Speaking of unusual behaviour, I think I'm hankering for another Disco Elysium playthrough.
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