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  1. Neat. Well, I am still at work for approx 3 hours, so I'll have to catch up later. x}
  2. fair enough matey. Ive gotten quite far into my main quests, just about to do my first dungeon :3 and I plan to be on all day ;P (after I go asda)
  3. I may be around for a while. I am working tomorrow at 8am so early night for me!
  4. I'm stealing you this evening again!
  5. That's good. Jumping into a tank role unprepared for what your role is is probably a bad plan. Although, I did it and I ended up okay. .___________. But yay! Lookin' forward to it!

    I have a horrendous cold, but just "workin' hard" erry day. Such is a boring adult life. xD
  6. Thats good I'm best at those types of roles then. wooo i cant wait! ill get properly set up this weekend. (as if i have to remake my character again!)

    how is it up in the land of the scots?
  7. There are three class types - Tank, DPS and Heals. Tanks hold aggro on all the enemies so the healer and DPS can do their jobs (DPS do the bulk of the damage, and the healers... heal) without having to worry about getting squished.

    Warrior is one of the tanks (along with paladin and dark knight). :3
  8. the job of the tank? i havent gotten anywhere near the combat (i wasnt even out the intro bit) before my laptop died, how tragic. But atleast i still dont really know what to expect XD

    whats the difference between tank and warrior? I've never really played a game like this, other than PSO which is much smaller :O but I was always close-combat.
  9. >picks tank class
    >worries about being "good"

    It is your job to hold all the aggro because if you don't EVERYONE DIES. Yaaaay!

    I main Paladin (another tank), as some elf guy who is super cool.
  10. Miqo'Te, Keepers of the Moon, Warrior.

    I'm always a warrior-type on these games, I do like the magic/healing classes but theres too much pressure on being good. ill probably end up with a healer aswell once I get the hang of it. And she had to look like a cat, because obv

    What about you?
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