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  1. No worries Glad you like it!
  2. Hey, no problem, just asking Im still super grateful for my Beast avatar!
  3. Hey Flynn, fraid not. That was back when I was learning to code to try and improve my digital skills. Im out of that bag now and I havent loaded up photoshop since. I'm too busy, sorry!
  4. Psst hey

    You still do that avatar service thing?
  5. XD bless you.

    ill get on that at some point today matey!
  6. Hey, uh, I don't mean to sound like a total ingrate, because I still love what you did with my avatar, but I just changed into the new one and the pixel is still there. i don't mind it, personally, but since you went out of your way to repost the avatar, I just wanted to let you know
  7. heh, ignore my PM; the URL for the image was some type of emoti and it messed it up! ive attached it to the avatar thread.
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