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  1. Yeah lol. I agree with the memories lol, theres a lot on this site and also the first time I met people from the internet IRL at Shaunas and you were one lol
  2. Yeah, I drop in from time to time. Things are still chugging along although very quietly these days. Been reading over a few of the old Ciddies threads the last few days. Bringing back a lot of memories!
  3. I'm alright lol. There was talk of the forums in discord so i came to see and yeah lol. Glad you are still around!
  4. Not too bad, young man! Yup, tonberry always and forever. How are you?
  5. Hi, Bubba how are you? I see you are still a Tonberry!
  6. Haha, really?! It's not bad then considering you made it yourself!
  7. A really bad video meant as a joke that me my bro and nephew did last night. It was supposed to kind of spoof those "gjost caught on tape" videos. But yeah it was stupid
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