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  1. One idea I wanted to do for a game was a Sonic the Hedgehog style title with a heavy music theme. The flow and level design is Sonic, but the gameplay is closer to Amplitude/Frequency. You collect different color notes which eventually activate more instruments that play in the stage music. The goal being to have the full song playing by the time you reach the goal. The story is about a chronically late DJ who is always trying to get to a new show/concert his girlfriend is at. Each stage would be a different genre of music.

    The other is an RPG that's kind of like the film Millennium Actress but with video games instead. The main "game" the programmer is working on is a Dragon Quest knockoff but the battle system was unique. Basically I drop all pretense of HP/MP and stats, instead battles involve turns and your character has a limited amount of turns to defeat an opponent. You have Attack, Defend, Magic, and Items but the catch is that you may have to use some of the non-combative commands to win. So like you have two turns to beat a slime, but weapons and magic don't hurt it. So instead you'll learn in a town that slimes are weak to potions so you dissolve it instead with items. Some enemies will destroy themselves and try to take you with them so you'll need to defend, and other monsters may take a combination of all the abilities to win, the trick is figuring out what works, what order, and to use your turns wisely because if you run out of turns the monster just gets to eat you. The rest of the game is a bit more meta and fourth wall breaking, I may just mognet you the full story idea for it.

    I can understand the issues of working in a team and staying motivated. I'm working on a comic book idea with a friend. For most of the month, I've been obsessed with it and constantly writing background ideas and plotting out the main scenario while my artist friend has kind of been ho-hum about everything and easily distracted. Now I'm getting distracted with other stuff and she's suddenly got the fire to get to work. So it can be a process but I guess it's nice one of us is always burning a torch for the project.
  2. Mmh I don't think I was active around here when those GBA ports hit the scene. They were what introduced me to IV, V and VI though so hey, guess they did their job ^^

    Well it's a hobby project, not a job or anything, so progress is entirely dependent on motivation which is, uh, fickle, and while I called it a team and it was more of one at the time I joined, we've dropped down to being just two people nowadays. I don't know if it's much about fortitude as much as it's just something I can do and rather enjoy doing. I dunno, I guess I don't feel particularly special about it or anything, and I myself rather envy people who can write stories or make art ^^

    Curious now what kind of designs you come up with =P
  3. It's the nice thing about remaster/remakes is that it does bring in new fans. I remember the GBA ports of the SNES entries bringing in quite a few new faces on this forum, and I feel Dissidia did a great job making people look back on the older entries with a new sense of wonder.

    You're part of a dev team? Hot damn, wish I had the patience. I tried to learn computer programming in college when I finally went back to school but learned I didn't have the patience or aptitude for it so I had to change my major to some throw away one so I would stop accumulating student debt. I'm usually impressed with anyone who has the fortitude to stick to programming and software engineering. I'm better with coming up with designs than I am with implementing them.
  4. Well my brother introduced me to Diablo II and Warcraft III when I was very young, and while I played some Diablo II, and I ended up trying WoW for like a week or so (while my brother has absurd hours on it), it's Warcraft III that left the biggest impact on me. Whether it's my 'favorite game' is hard to say but it's doubtlessly the most important game to me. No matter if I take breaks from it, I always return to it sooner or later, that game - or more specifically, its custom game scene - has been basically a constant presence in my entire life. It introduced me to game programming and I don't doubt it's had a huge hand in me eventually turning software engineer. Even nowadays I'm working on creating a map for it, a Final Fantasy inspired open RPG for up to 8 players as a Warcraft III map (although I didn't create it from the ground up, I joined the dev team late and became lead dev a while ago) and I easily find myself playing hours upon hours of another map weekly.

    Never got into Starcraft but heard SC2 is Blizzard's high point in terms of story - and from what I heard of it I definitely believe it. I hope to play through that whole campaign at some point. Not really planning on delving deep into WoW or Diablo anymore though; I feel like Blizzard had their high point and it's already passed. But I doubt I'll ever just lose my fondness for Warcraft III. It's a peerless, timeless game to me. I do hope the Reforged rerelease brings new players into the folds though ^^
  5. You've never asked actually.

    Funny enough, I've never actually played a Blizzard game before, except maybe Lost Vikings on the Genesis. I fell out of PC gaming in the late 90s just before Blizzard made a name for themselves with Diabalo, Warcraft, and Starcraft. FFXI sort of taught me I don't care for MMOs so I dodged WoW despite the game becoming the be all end all for all of my college friends. So I don't really have an opinion on them to be honest. I have debated with myself that I probably should go back and play Starcraft though since you can tell Blizzard took some ideas from Robotech but overall, I'm neutral on them and have no strong opinions because I really haven't played anything by them.

    How about you?
  6. Heya ^^ not sure if I asked you this before, but what's your history with Blizzard games if I may ask?
  7. Sounds a bit like Nier, you have to basically play the games three times each to get the true story on what's going on.
  8. To me one of the most interesting things it does is have three separate plotlines from the same starting point that each build on top of the previous one thematically, with the plot itself going in very different directions and the main character and his mindset being challenged in increasingly heavy (and painful >.<) ways as the routes progress. It's not something you see done in many games or VNs or any media really, I can only think of two others that kinda do it. Makes me wish more games attempted this kind of storytelling.
  9. It looks intriguing, one of those series that's on my back burner if I an ever find the time to get around to it.
  10. Ah I see ^^ was curious, was thinking a lot about it today and felt like you might know it. It's got some real good stuff in it, I must say.
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