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  1. That's fine, I always enjoy talking game concepts with people.
  2. It is because now I can’t write my thing because this keeps occupying me and I’m nowhere near ready to be making this a reality. If this keeps up, I’m never gonna finish anything, and that doesn’t really make me a good creative now does it.

    If you’re interested I can mother you what I have of the game idea sometime tomorrow. Maybe then I’ll be able to sort this stuff out somehow.
  3. That's not a bad thing really.
  4. So I suck because while we were having a friend over I did very little writing but instead got a pretty fledged out idea for what my future game project would be...
  5. Just trying to give you some mood music to write with.
  6. You pamper me
  7. Here's another for you.
  8. Yeah, you’re probably right. Thanks for the music! I’ll have a listen later
  9. Thought you might like this:
  10. I'd focus on writing since you're not really feeling any games right now. Seems like a good time to do it.
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