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  1. Coming back to me harping on the newer translations of the game, I'm actually baffled by some of the choices such as changing Eginbear to Edina or more curious, Soo/Sioux to Persistence in the newer translations. The original names are meant to reflect that they are fantasy counterparts to real world places which I feel the new translation loses. Similar, I feel a bit more vindicated to learn that Dharma Temple is the actual name in Japanese as opposed to the silly Alltrades Abbey which is just a bit too much on the nose for my taste.

    On the flip side, I never realized how off the original translations were for DQI on locations in Alefgard. Tantegel is completely off from the Japanese Ladutorm. Though I do appreciate the fact that Tantegel is a slight name change from Tintagel which is associated with Arthurian myth.

    One thing I do love baout the remake is that it added a few more interesting visual touches like the reunited souls of Olivia and Errol or the volcano explosion. Even Ramiel is pretty majestic in this title. My one complaint so far has been that Ramiel is way too damn slow for a transportation vehicle. I'm use to speedy airships from FF.
  2. From looking around, not much. Most of the changes are typical changes with remakes such as enemies being a bit weaker and giving more XP and Gold than the original. There was some bug fixes as well and they raised Terry's usefulness in both the DS and mobile ports. The biggest change I can see is that they completely altered the Monster Master vocation. In the original, the class allowed you to randomly recruit monsters like in DQV to be used in your party. The remake removed this feature and added the Slime Family instead. Kind of sucks a neat feature like that was removed, but considering this game brought back and refined the Job system, I can understand why they dropped it all together.

    In DQIII news, I am now just grinding up a few levels before tackling Baramos' castle. My team is composed of a Fighter, Mage, and Cleric with the Fighter now being on their fourth job cycle, while the two mages are on their third. In hindsight, I should have switched their classes to make a psuedo-Sage but whatever. I am actually debating on whether I'm going to even have a Sage in this playthrough.
  3. VI is great, though I have no idea how the DS version differs from the original. I definitely had a blast with the DS version. I've actually been thinking of replaying VII myself, but with so many games, both replays and first plays, queued up on my list, I don't have the time for that now tbh. Almost done with the corrupt judges storyline in FFTA btw!
  4. Doubt X has it for your character, but I'm sure it pops up as a sidequest somewhere. It was just an interesting observation I noticed as I play through IV. My first actual exposure to the plotline was in VII though. I think once my Halloween gaming is over, I'm going either finish my playthrough of DQVII I started last year, or I may bust out DQVI on an emulator.
  5. Yeah, now that I think about it, it carries over to DQXI too. V qualifies to an extent, as well. So pretty much the only ones that don't have it since IV are VI (where you're the child of a happily married royal couple, if estranged from them) and IX (where you're an angel). Not sure how X goes about it, though.
  6. Have we discussed the fact that Hori is obsessed with the star-crossed lovers love child trope? I Mean DQIV, VII, VIII, and I'm sure a bunch of other games all use this story angle for the main characters. I've been playing DQIV on the side for mobile gaming and was just reminded that this was the story angle for the main hero.
  7. Yeah, DQIII is awesome. Great to hear you've been having fun with it.
  8. In DQ news, I've begun collecting the orbs and I've explored most of the world. I'm getting ready to take down Orochi in Zipangu. I actually did beat this boss already but with only one character surviving. This was because I got impatient trying to level my team up to do all my Job Class shenanigans. So shenanigans it now, as I have my whole team up to level 20 now in their new professions. My Warrior turned into a Dealer, and is now a Thief who is way more sturdy and powerful than she has any right to be. My Cleric became a Fighter who has a struggled a little bit due to higher XP needs but I always forget the class is pretty fragile in defense. My Mage turned Warrior on the other hand is doing very well for herself.

    I'll probably take down Orochi and the Boss Troll with this team before switching classes again. I also have the Punkrock Ring which has given my Hero way better stat growth across the board with the Solitary personality. I always forget that much like FFIII, the stats that are the most important are the ones that affect HP/MP growth. So this new personality is helping to offset my Hero's weak wisdom stat. Overall though, I'm having a blast and really relishing how utterly enjoyable this game is.
  9. I'd probably stick to the original, though I'm sure I'd be using the handheld element more. I just like having the option.
  10. I really want one, though it'll probably be a while before I can, but it definitely looks like a cool little system to have. I'm debating whether I would go for the regular switch or the Lite version, since I'd mostly be getting it for handheld purposes anyway, but then I still think it's better to have the option of docking it, not to mention all those cool Labo things that I think would be great for the kid. Then again, Lite is cheaper.
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