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  1. Guess I better get used to it, then. Excuse me while I go to the garden and eat worms.
  2. But such is what our glorious leaders desire. Meat for they, bugs for us. xD
  3. I'm usually pretty open minded about trying new foods, but yeah... bugs are gross. Too many legs.
  4. I'm down for whatever, but I do find the very clear propaganda efforts by celebrity and news media to normalise eating bugs in the West super smurfing creepy
  5. I was legit keen to try crickets when I was in Thailand but then I saw one and balked :/
  6. Hey, at least the crickets provide sustenance. Don't need money as long as you have water, food, and shelter!
  7. Rude.
  8. *crickets*
  9. I'll be rolling in the big bucks any day now.
  10. I couldn't even hazard a guess at how in demand linguistics might be in the new, more regionalised, world.
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