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  1. All the best artefacts are mundane, this is known. The lives of kings and queens is well-documented, but what about the life of Terrance?
  2. Make sure it translates into something mundane
  3. brb just gonna find some random tat and claim its indigenous somewhere
  4. Won't know until you try!
  5. Can you actually even sell trout to museums anymore?
  6. I'm sure you could sell whatever you find to the British Museum for a pretty penny. And you'd probably get knighted.
  7. How hard could it be, honestly? Maybe blood diamonds is a bad choice.... maybe I should just raid Botswana? They're civilised.
  8. That's the spirit!
  9. trout you're right maybe i should go steal a load of blood diamonds
  10. Who budgets? You should be out destroying the diamond industry like a good millennial.
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