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  1. They are, so I wouldn't worry too much about getting help with plug-ins and stuff.
  2. So just looking around the internet, it looks like the RPG Maker community is very supportive. That bodes well.
  3. For me, they are very different now over here. When I first went to cons, they were smaller affairs and stuff like the impromptu panel could happen by a happy accident. Now, they are large, regulated more, and you'll likely only run into a guest if you visit their panel or autograph sessions. They've become close to sci-fi or comic conventions which have a more of a business feel to them. The last time I actually ran into a guest by accident was Chris Patton when he ran into the elevator my friend and I were taking because he was getting tired of being followed by fans and security. We joked for a moment on the elevator before we left him in piece, and later he spotted us in line of his panel the following night and started chatting with us again. Joking around about why we were in line for a panel. That was probably ten years ago I think... I'm so out of the anime loop these days I don;t even bother checking to see who the guests are because I probably wouldn't know anything they were in.
  4. I’ve never been to a con. I’m very envious of situations like this
  5. That was amusing, though for me the biggest flashback was realizing I've met all of the people in this video except for the youtuber. I have a picture of myself with Tiffany Grant cosplaying as Asuka and I even got to watch her karaoke the opening theme. I've met Spike Spencer who is a fun guy, and one of my favorite con memories was with Matt Greenfield, when a friend of mine ran into him and Scott McNeil in a hallway around midnight at the convention and ended up giving an impromptu panel where we listened to the two of them and Tristan McAvery just talking until 3 am about the voice over industry and sharing fun anecdotes.
  6. I think you might enjoy this

  7. Yep, pretty much
  8. That's fine, I always enjoy talking game concepts with people.
  9. It is because now I can’t write my thing because this keeps occupying me and I’m nowhere near ready to be making this a reality. If this keeps up, I’m never gonna finish anything, and that doesn’t really make me a good creative now does it.

    If you’re interested I can mother you what I have of the game idea sometime tomorrow. Maybe then I’ll be able to sort this stuff out somehow.
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