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  1. That will be fine. I have a stressful week ahead thanks to work, so I could use the distraction.
  2. Well, I wouldn't call it a breakthrough. I've still barely written anything. But I should be able to wrap up that side story soon. And maybe send it to you?
  3. I hear that. I was really drained in mine as well, but figured my issue was that I was getting tired of writing Rebecca and needed to switch to someone new. I was going to have this current chapter be an elaborate training montage kind of deal so I can get the plot going again, but instead I switched over to my favorite character and introduced the comic relief character to make the story less dreary. Figure I would focus on building up the side characters who make up the entourage for awhile and let Rebecca cool off for a bit.

    I'm glad you made a breakthrough on your novel. I know it's always tempting to go back and rewrite sections. Though sometimes you have to if it really helps to add focus to a character in a way that changes the one of the story.
  4. Fair enough. Though I imagine there is way to make it have that evil without any other instruments. The choir just adds a tad too much color imo - the pure organ just has this weird austerity that perfectly balances the rest of the immensely chaotic track.

    In other news, I had a sudden surge of inspiration regarding my novel, but the problem is it’s for a rewrite of the beginning section. And I’m not sure I wanna go back there just yet since I need to stick to a system. But I will try to keep that in mind as I continue writing because I feel like I finally get the main character and he’s finally stopped being frustratingly passive.
  5. The problem is with other arrangements that do the pure organ solo is that they never capture that echo feel of the original, like you were listening to said organ solo in the back row of a large cathedral. The recording devices they use or the locations they've performed it make it sound too clean and less grand. The choral section kind of supplements it, which is why I appreciate it.
  6. It was good, though imo the only correct way to make it is by having it be a total organ solo. The choir here didn’t hurt, and it was still very well done, but I honestly feel it’d have been more effective with just the organ
  7. I'm just impressed they nailed the third movement. Almost every other arrangement of the third movement never sounds right to me. It lacks that echo feel from the original. The choral piece in this one gives off that vibe which is why I'm really impressed with it.
  8. Oh wow. I wanna know what soundfont this person uses. I’m a bit torn on the final movement though, since I can barely hear the melody over the drums, but overall it was really smurfing good.
  9. I feel you would appreciate this.

    Probably the best arrangement of his theme I've ever heard.
  10. We'll see how well it holds up when I get there. Ven is technically next for me.
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