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  1. Yo whuttup niece
  2. Greyjoys represent.
  3. There's this Indian food restaurant near us called Karavalli and I always call it Kalevalli. I just figured out it's because of you.
  4. Freud would disagree with me.
  5. so says you
  6. Best Signature 2014

    I just spent a few minutes starting at my own signature with my eyes crossed. NOT EVERYTHING IS A DICK, JINX.
  7. if you kind of unfocus your eyes, your sig looks like a dick
  8. Her daughter's the best part of the album. Yeah, read the story. You seem like a chill dude, smoke a bowl. Turn off the lights and listen to it with headphones. The experience will increase by 100000000x
  9. I have! I hadn't the first few times I listened to it but it really does enhance the experience. Her daughter does a great job on that album as well.
  10. Denmark and I are heading to Boston. It's only a few hours away. I've always wanted to see her, but seeing her on my birthday is going to be so special (even if we are in the nosebleeds).

    Scarlet's Walk is really good. My 'favorite' is probably From the Choirgirl Hotel. But Night of Hunters is just MINDBLOWING. Listen to it late at night in the dark from start to finish. Have you read the story behind it? It gives it so much meaning and depth.
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