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  1. You wish you were this cultured
  2. "I missed the game, as I was in a Verdi concert"

    Ooooohh! Get you!
  3. What can I say? Clearly EoFF is full of people who probably think that a pony is a baby horse!
  4. clearly we're the only ones who watch decent television
  5. Quote Originally Posted by Heath
    I never bother to read horoscopes (I don't even know if the broadsheet papers I read print them!)
    ooh, get you!
  6. Oh God no. Born and bred in the slums of South Wales, haven't actually been any further north than where I am now (Aberystwyth), apart from once last year when I played cricket against Wrexham
  7. Machynlleth is always a good one. I've always been partial to "Bed-gell-ert" too.

    You're not from Prestatyn are you? I went to school not far from there (Abergele).
  8. I met some bloke who'd recently moved to Prestatyn from somewhere in England who was proudly telling me how he's nailed the Welsh language, including 'the hard to pronounce place names like Machynlleth', which he pronounced Mack-uhn-luth. I just nodded.
  9. I see your location and I smile because of the general failure with Welsh place names in England.

    I don't speak Welsh but can pronounce things correctly and I'll never get over people saying 'Betws-y-Coed' as 'Betsy Co-ed.' I always notice it on my way back home from uni when I change in Manchester and I discover I'm getting a train to 'lan-dud-no.'
  10. truer words were never spoken
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