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  1. Probably a good plan. lol
  2. I'll think of something else.
  3. You could probably still use it as a title for the story, just not a team name or something.
  4. Well trout.
  5. You do know that title is taken right?
  6. Get all my stories where I want them then do a crossover event titled 'Defenders of the Earth'.
  7. That is probably what happened. Glad to hear it sorted itself out. So what's your next plan for writing?
  8. It sorted itself out today. I guess it just takes time for the thing to process.
  9. Ooh, sorry to hear that. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon.
  10. Yup. I just shared all my stories on Fiction Press a little while ago in the hope of getting more traffic and feedback, but for some reason the second chapter on Lady Hellspawn isn't showing up on the site yet =/
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