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  1. Same to you as well!
  2. I hope so! Best of luck!
  3. I hope so too. Luckily some of my biggest hurdles should be coming to a close within the next two months, so I'm hoping to readjust a few things afterwards to give myself a proper break.
  4. Oh, that's a shame! I hope you get some proper down time soon.
  5. Not at all. Been busy changing jobs, getting promotions, and family matters. I've had very little me time the last few years.
  6. Thank you! What about you, been up to anything fun?
  7. Well congrats on your Masters.
  8. Haha, not really! Went back to University to do my Masters degree, so my life is basically just work and study. So I definitely hear you on the tired all the time thing!
  9. Not bad, just tired most of the time due to real life. Been doing anything fun lately?
  10. I am super good, how are you? Don't feel obligated to reply if you're going to bed, get that sleep yo!
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