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  1. Apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health...
  2. Pshaw. What have the Romans ever done for us?
  3. Just a small niggle in an otherwise utopian society...

    How about the Romans instead? We'd all get nice baths and wonderfully straight roads!
  4. I think the Mongolians need a second whack at it.

    Yes, lots and lots and lots of murder. BUT. Great environmental benefits, huge freedom of religion, multi-cultural acceptance, inexplicably safe roads everywhere. Just can't say no to a deal like that.

    Because you die if you say no.
  5. Bring back the classic British Empire instead. We definitely didn't do anything bad at all, right... right?
  6. Gotta love that good old US cultural empire, normalising real bad trout everywhere. xD
  7. That sweet shot of [strikethrough]heroin[/strikethrough] JRPG. I'm still in the original guild on FFXIV but most of the people I know stopped playing / left the guild / are on whenever I'm not on...

    Yeah the temptation to move to NZ just to get away from the insanity is strong. I swear the UK didn't have any of that dumb smurfery until the media reports of it happening in the US happened. Why oh why this country models its life on the US I will never know...
  8. Bit of nostalgia, I guess! I'm not really involved in any non-EoFF EoFF groups on other sites or platforms, so this is where I come to get my fix.

    Woof. Long wait. Shame the UK couldn't be more NZ and less US is their dumb-ery xD
  9. Yeah definitely! What made you hop back on in the first place?

    2021 can't get much worse can it..? We'll get a vaccine... in August
  10. Bahaha such is life. All roads don't tend to lead to EoFF as much anymore, but still nice to see a familiar face!

    I'm doing okay. 2020 was bad, but optimistic about 2021!
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