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  1. I know. I bloody love him for it. And the throwing whatever root vegetables they could find in response was even better. xD
  2. I think your friend just became my hero! XD! ive never laughed so hard because of something online!
  3. More like "crap film" hater.

    A few of my 'mates' were walking past this orphanage near where I live once. Now, these mates were all dressed like EMOs and that, and the orphanage was full of chavs. So, the chavs started yelling abuse at the EMOs, to which one of the guys shouted "GET SOME PARENTS!". I almost died laughing. The chavs then threw potatoes at them. xD
  4. OMG!! XD! How can you say that? Orphan hater.
  5. With a film like that, nobody wins.
  6. We win at the end of the movie though! ;]
  7. Alas, that is a great shame.
  8. It is for us. :[
  9. Hello Annie Domino! I've heard it's a hard knock life?

    Is this true?
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