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  1. Idk what I did to deserve that but ty
  2. You're my favorite member of 2020.

    No candy cane for this one. I wanted you to know it was from me.
  3. You know a lot of trivia
  4. ahahaha definitely when the game comes out
  5. We're gonna need you to change your name to Tifa's Boobs HD.
  6. Oh, that, sure. Ha!
  7. Not at all. I don't bat 1000, but I hope the general "hey you should focus more on loving yourself instead of focusing on a flaw that isn't really a flaw" is conveyed well.
  8. Hey, I hope I didn't embarrass you or make you feel bad in that cosmetic surgery thread.
  9. ahaahhaa glad you liked it, and quality rep comment xD
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