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  1. This is exactly what I needed during break at work today. It's beautiful. Thanks ^^
  2. Figured you would appreciate this:
  3. Yeah thanks, I need it. It's been a rough year for me so far in the personal sphere. I'll make it through though.
  4. Bit worried after what you wrote hope you're holding up.
  5. That is interesting. Makes sense when I think about how Penelo, whom I kept as a pure mage, could take damage pretty well despite only having access to Mystic armor. The higher HP and buffed armor would certainly make her more tanky. It would be nice if SE could release a patch for the game to restore some of the old elements just to change up the difficulty.
  6. Kinda interesting, was never sure if the monsters stats actually changed
  7. I tend to fall more in line with the usual popular classics like the NES Mega Man or Castlevania titles. Breath of Fire has always had pretty strong OSTs as well, if a bit unconventional for the genre. Again, that's Capcom and like Square, they have always had strong music for their games. Honestly, listening to some of Yoko Shimomoru's early works, especially on the original SFII OST is pretty sublime.
  8. Probably yeah. You thinking of any other forgotten gems from that era?
  9. I feel a lot of music back then gets a bit glossed over outside of a few standout tracks from popular titles. I feel the limitations of the tech meant the composers back then had to really work some magic to make something out of it.
  10. Definitely.

    Goddamn Ys was ahead of its time regarding music in general though =P
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