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  1. I tend to fall more in line with the usual popular classics like the NES Mega Man or Castlevania titles. Breath of Fire has always had pretty strong OSTs as well, if a bit unconventional for the genre. Again, that's Capcom and like Square, they have always had strong music for their games. Honestly, listening to some of Yoko Shimomoru's early works, especially on the original SFII OST is pretty sublime.
  2. Probably yeah. You thinking of any other forgotten gems from that era?
  3. I feel a lot of music back then gets a bit glossed over outside of a few standout tracks from popular titles. I feel the limitations of the tech meant the composers back then had to really work some magic to make something out of it.
  4. Definitely.

    Goddamn Ys was ahead of its time regarding music in general though =P
  5. Yeah, that's definitely an improvement over a lot of the hardware at the time.
  6. Not playing it per se, there's just this one youtube channel that posts comparison of classic Ys tunes - since Ys 1-3 have like ten different versions - and the PCE versions always stand out. Like on this track for example (PCE version starts at 5:15)
  7. It had a pretty snazzy audio come to think of it. I take it you've been playing some classic Ys?
  8. Kinda fascinated atm with how good the PC Engine / TurboGrafx CD OST quality was way back around 1990.
  9. I understand all too well about distractions. I think the easiest thing to do is simply find the simplest and easiest thing you need to do and start there. Usually for me, I'll get on a roll of productivity if I start like that. Same with exercise. I also try to avoid certain websites nowadays that I know are pointless for me, or in cases like EoFF, I convince myself to only reply to interesting threads or comments and then check out for the day. Struggling with the last one, but I'm at least getting better about noticing when I linger on the forum despite a lack of activity.

    My blood pressure is fine, it was more a figure of speech. Though it does run in my family, so mine could be pretty high for my age and lifestyle.
  10. Well getting used to my new daily rhythm. Progress on free time projects is slow as a result, but not at a standstill either. Still having the problem of wasting a lot of time in distractions on the more pointless sides of the net though I suppose >.<

    Have fun on that vacation ^^ events like that can be pretty good at inspiring some change at least. Though now I am wondering a bit, do you have chronic blood pressure issues or something along those lines?
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