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  1. lol yeah no I won’t bother. It’s not that I’m looking for a challenge really, it’s more that I just want to do all the optional stuff. Stuff like that is where I draw the line. Which is also why I never did and don’t intend to ever farm for pink tails in FFIV
  2. Fully Equipped Onion Knights. The Onion Knights have unique gear only they can use and they are the best gear in the game. They are randomly dropped from dragons in the final dungeon or you can use the item trick to give them to you for free. Likewise, you would need to grind to Lv. 99 to make the Onion Knights good in the first place since their stats are pitiful until Lv. 91.
  3. What does that mean?
  4. The story structure and basic order isn't really changed. I enjoy the NES over the DS for the higher difficulty curve. Classes are way less broken and the higher enemy count in random battles makes them feel more interesting since crowd control becomes a real big part of the late game.

    As for optional content there are several towns that are completely optional like Gysahl on the Floating continent, Replito, Duster, Doga's Village, and Falgabird.

    For quests, there is the circle around the world on a chocobo quest, the Sunken Cave is an optional dungeon once you find the Nautilus. Forbidden Land Eureka, and of course fighting Leviathan, Odin, and Bahamut to gain them as summons.

    If you're really feeling masochistic, then you can try to finish the game with an FEOK team. I wouldn't recommend it.
  5. But yeah other than that and the jobs being slightly tweaked, this is largely the same game. It’s not as big a shock as if certainly experience had I played I or II on NES

    So remind me because I’m having trouble finding a guide on this: what are the optional/missable bits in this game? My main goal in this marathon is to do all possible side content, and if I recall there was some in III, but I can’t remember
  6. Yeah, that surprised me as well.
  7. I think what’s surprised me the most so far is that the onion knights actually speak and have incredibly simple yet consistent personalities. It made me realize how little the DS version actually changed in this regard. They basically just altered the starting segment while all the other relationships with the guest characters were actually there in the original. Makes me kinda sad they didn’t really go all out with it in the DS version, but we’ve got what we’ve got, I guess
  8. Lol, well at least it's been a smooth ride.
  9. So far it’s actually much less different from the DS version than I’d expected. If anything, it plays smoother as it’s 2D and I have the speed up feature on my emulator
  10. So how is classic FFIII treating you?
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