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  1. Universal Studios. They were fine I just didn't like them.
  2. Why? Is it from Disney land or other theme parks? Disney Land's is usually more toned down.
  3. No! I went on a roller coaster once and hated it hahaha
  4. I realized that happens a lot when you get older. Like I used to be able to take roller coasters ride but now...

    Do you do all these thrilling stuffs?
  5. Oh, just the usual, scared of failure, scared of meeting new people, scared of trying new things. That sort of thing.
  6. What are some of the things that you are scared of? It is amazing you are not scared of things designed to scare you!
  7. Because I'm scared of everything else! Just not horror!
  8. Wow, but if that is the case, why would you define yourself as a timid person?

    I think LALA to play thru horror games and only get scares sometimes from Jump scare. Jump scare is my nemesis.
  9. They do get me occasionally! I'm surprisingly hard to scare.

    It's funny because I'm quite a timid person, but "scary" stuffs don't scare me all that much. I once had this friend who was really outwardly tough but as soon as anything had a little horror in it she'd scream and hold on to me :P Weird how that works!
  10. Jump scare?
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