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  1. Have you already sorted out accommodation? Or will you just stay in a hostel or something while you sort it out?
  2. Flight is June 20th! I'm trying to sell all my trout now before I got for some extra cash, but it's annoying lol. Might have to just pawn it and get ripped off, but c'est la vie.

    Mostly, I just feel busy haha. But yeah, very excited for the move. Will be very stressful to begin with and there's myriad uncertainties to deal with, etc. Just wanna get boots on the ground asap.
  3. lulz

    When are you going? Are you excited??
  4. You will own nothing and you will be happy, lol
  5. Yep. Can't go anywhere and the rent is too damn high.
  6. That's fair. The perils of living in literal billy buttsmurf nowhere land xD
  7. Very true! It's more a matter of saving up enough for a plane ticket/visa etc in the first place though! :P
  8. Don't need to save up if you earn while abroad
  9. Very cool. I'm so, so jealous. I'm hoping to move somewhere to do my PhD, but I'll probably have to save up for a few years first. Obvs I love NZ but I'd love to have the experience of living overseas.
  10. I was! Sometime Oct/Novish.

    Most likely Leon area. I'm an independent contractor working remotely, so I can work anywhere. Geo-arbitrage, babbyyyyyyy
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