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  1. Thank you. Its mostly better until I put pressure on it
  2. Oh trout that must have killed hope it heals soon.
  3. Stapled it by accident
  4. Ohhh how did you injure your thumb?
  5. I injured my vidya thumb

    Maybe now you can stand a chance against me

  6. How are you try and ruin Honoka
  7. Ah, I got it close enough xD I've not unlocked many different outfits for people yet but you know from Tekken that I'm not really all that fussed about customisation haha. It's a shame I can't give anyone scary ling makeup though, I'd totally put it on Honaka especially for you!
  8. Nyotengu!

    I don't like using her at all, but she has some super nice outfits so I use her anyways

    She also has some super awful ones so
  9. Honoka, Helena and lady with wings (Naotonga?) are all pretty fun, as is Zack. I've still yet to try a lot of the characters so I'll get back to you when I've given more of them a try!
  10. So which characters are you enjoying?

    I tend to main Honoka and Hitomi but I use most ladies for the outfits~ Except Lisa and Tina
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