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  1. Hey! I'm not too bad thanks. Yourself? And you're right, it has been some time... Where does the time go?!
  2. Hey man. Long time, no chat. How's everything?
  3. Things are decent here. Just "enjoying" school. If it makes you feel better, I decided to bring out King for some fun again, and immediately regretted it. I lost 5-6 fights and only won 2-3 against a King that I know for a fact I was far more skilled than. I got hyper-pissed and fell for easy things I shouldn't have, and didn't punish the way I should have. When you're angry the mistakes only get worse. I definitely play better when I can remind myself that it's all fun, losing is learning, and that it's only a game.

    Then I rage out, and pout for an hour anyway.
  4. Hiya! Sorry I did get it, I meant to reply. My sub has ended but I can still view messages etc. Yeah I had to take a break, it was stressing me out way too much! Usually I'm fine playing against you and it's just others I play against online that makes me rage. Not that day though haha! I'm looking to sub again at the end of this month / beginning of March when the next PS+ games come out (that I'll probably never play). We'll have some more games then. Things are ok this end thanks, how about yourself?
  5. Hey bud. I got your message on PSN and responded, but I'm not sure if you got it before your subscription expired. Anyway, you don't need to worry. It's smart to take a break sometimes. It's supposed to be fun, so if it's getting to where it consistently isn't fun then what's the point? I've had to take breaks too. Hope things are well!
  6. She's definitely one of those characters where you have to know the match up so you can punish. If you go in swinging you'll get beat to the punch every time.

    Since I don't know the match ups very well, I just try to weather the storm and get my hits in where I can. I really haven't put in as much time with DOA as Tekken. Which is why Ayane always kicks my ass. She's too fast for me to be able to counter hit and punish well because I don't know the match up.
  7. Take that, Tina! I need to practise with her myself. I've done no command training for her. I've practised with a few characters on command training but there are still a lot that I haven't.
  8. You always beat up my poor Tina. I really haven't spent a lot of time learning how to use the characters I like, but it's still fun. Momiji is fun, but I'm definitely not very competent with her.
  9. Yeah we will have to get in a game soon. I haven't played Tekken for ages. Need to learn the DOA stuff! I'll probably DOA tonight because I need to try out my Lisa and Rig against you guyyssss.
  10. I think we should Tekken again. I'm getting the itch to use wrestle cat.
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