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  1. Yeah it was really frustrating! I still enjoyed the games though, so it's all good I hope it doesn't keep happening though. And thanks! Hopefully we can play again soon.
  2. Sorry about your block, my dude. Sounded like you were pretty frustrated yesterday.

    Especially considering the handicap, you did really well.
  3. That's awesome! Nice work.

    I don't know nearly as much about DOA as Tekken. I didn't really get into the series until DOA2, and then 3 and 4 were XBOX exclusives and I didn't own one, so thhbbt. 5 has been really fun though. Once you figure out those systems, I'll probably be easy to beat. I didn't even know there were different levels of stun. :P I just knew about counters, and wall damage moves.
  4. When I played as Tina during the tutorial I thought she'd be a character for you with all her combo throws! I was playing arcade mode again earlier with Ayane but I haven't really learnt many different moves so I'm not that good, and I'm terribly slow with getting on the critical stuns in to the burst and then I can't really juggle so yeah, I suck pretty much. My PS+ sub ends in like 4 weeks, we will have to get some games in before hand.
  5. I've actually been trying to brush up on my Tina since you've decided to try DOA. I used to play Jann Lee, Tina, and Zack a bit, but that was way back in DOA2. Can't believe that was actually quite some time ago now.
  6. I don't suppose you have Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD on PS3, do you? Going through old game downloads and I forgot I bought it years ago. I remember playing a couple games and hating it and then I deleted it and forgot all about it. Just started playing it now and OMG I've won 2 matches! xD
  7. I'll admit I didn't play much of the Street Fighter EX series in the arcades, but this looks fun. It's nice for Arika, but now they can get some use out of their licensed EX characters. Half the caste was Arika and half was Capcom.

    Coming next year. You in?
  9. Actually, scrap that for now! I'm far too tired. Started work at 6am so I've been up for like 18 hours and I need to recharge my batteries! Soon, though. Soon
  10. Hey we can get a couple games in now if you like? I enjoy playing against you and Pumpkin because I don't get angry like I do in ranked matches xD I'm a bad loser.
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