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  1. I go by my real name on the site so I'll favorite you once I find you.
  2. bout time!
  3. I'm part of the scribe site you mentioned.
  4. oh, well in that case...

    peer pressure peer pressure peer pressure
  5. Lol, I said I would check it out.
  6. peer pressure peer pressure. Join us on scrib!
  7. Just lost a job I kind of enjoyed (well at least my position and my co-workers) and starting a new job that I'm not feeling too well. I think it has more to do with me finally feeling like I need to get out of this industry (management position in retail) and actually work on stuff I can live with doing. Been doubling down on my writing lately which has been nice.
  8. Lifey. Work sucks as normal. I guess it's just an unfufilling job, ya know? Not necessarily a bad job compared to other things available here. I just get grumpy and play on the internet while at work, which is nice haha.

  9. Details are still a bit in the unknown though I've also been avoiding spoilers but my article does link to my original in-depth look.

    So how is life?
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