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  1. This is your friendly reminder to stop hitting refresh and watching the YouTube and actually get some writing done. You can do it!
  2. Weather here is always... interesting. Unfortunately, I'm too tired from shoveling to make snow men. I did draw a kitty in the snow though.
  3. omg that's ridiculous! Did you move to the artic and I didn't know? damnnnn

    Make an army of snowmen. You must do this!
  4. About 15 to 20 inches I would guess. Goes up to my knees.
  5. Oh snap, how much snow did you get? (It's 63 here right now haha)
  6. I called in today due to weather. Still shoveling snow though...
  7. Well maybe our nagging each other will help! Or get annoying... one of the two. SO GET TO WORK! assuming you're off work.
  8. Mine has more to with the Squirrel phenomena of being really into it and then I just kind of lose the gusto and when I finally come back to the story, I feel like it needs a rewrite. Trying to be better about that actually.
  9. I thought so! All these are all halfway done. I have a problem with dropping things midway because I'm unhappy with the direction or I get bored.
  10. They all sound interesting. We don't get enough badass moms if you ask me.
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