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  1. Just write a bit and see what sticks.
  2. Kind of fell off the wagon, but I should probably be inspired soon since I have a few friends doing NaNo this year, so I'll be talking shop. I've been in the mood to write my political Matsuno inspired story I was brainstorming last year, but part of me wants to finish up a few stories I'm close to the end for instead.
  3. Well, I got a boost of confidence from the contest, so I got a burst of speed. Don’t know if I’ll have a beta draft by the end of the year, but that’s my goal! Bro’s started Xenogears, so we’ll hopefully get the comic rolling soon too. I’m also thinking of submitting the story to a contest with an actual prize so who knows, maybe I’ll get published again?

    How about your stuff?
  4. How are your novels doing?
  5. Thanks. My thought process was kinda all over the place with this, really. When I started writing this, I was super hyped, then as I progressed I started feeling that it was getting less and less scary, but then once I was done, I was really happy with it. I’m glad I haven’t lost my edge when it comes to shorts.
  6. Well thank you, you did a great job yourself.
  7. Heh, I knew it. I liked that one a lot!
  8. Yeah man congratulations.

    Yep I was bump.
  9. Can’t believe I finally won one of these contests! :O

    Btw, which one was yours? I’m betting it was the one with the bump, since that felt very much like your style, but who knows, you may have surprised me.
  10. More like it would be too alienating to standard audiences which is Lovecraft's problem as his stories would require both a high budget and good marketing to get it done right and still churn out a profit.
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