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  1. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do. Part of me wants to finish the games I have started, I.e. Type 0 and DQXI, part of me wants to try the modded FFVII, but then I also think maybe I should give games a rest for a while and just focus on writing
  2. I'm kind of back in a SaGa kick, so I'm doing NG+ on RS2. I'm thinking I may put that on hold and finally tackle Unlimited SaGa and see what the hooplah is on this game.
  3. Well glad you got it out of the way then!
  4. I had a blast with Majora's Mask, I just go back and forth with the time loop mechanics. It was definitely a fun experience for me back in the day as well.

    Coincidentally, I just finished VIIR and I can now safely wash my hands of it. It was like going through the Compilation again, just even more self-congratulatory.
  5. Beat Majora’s Mask yesterday. Stone Tower Temple was brain wracking in the best possible way, though I am upset that they removed all the (in-universe) blasphemous imagery from the walls. It’s just not that interesting visually anymore. Overall though I kinda regret pretty much doing all of the side quests remaining before that dungeon since it was kinda underwhelming going right there. Overall I think the end game might be my least favorite part of MM. the moon interior is very cool with its beautiful field and tree, but the mini dungeons in there are either boring or immensely frustrating (the Goht Mask dungeon nearly broke me). Also just... from a story standpoint the end just feels a bit anticlimactic. You just... do what you set out to do and, as Tatl put it, “we both got what we wanted”, and everyone just says goodbye and it just doesn’t resonate that hard with me. I did, however, enjoy seeing what all the townspeople were up to in the epilogue. Also, fierce deity completely trivializes the final boss but I am absolutely willing to forgive it since all of that power you get actually feels earned imo. It would kind of counterintuitive to go out of your way and not use it.

    Even though I’d played MM before, it was an incredible experience this time around. I’ve always liked it but now it’s probably in my top 3 favorite 3D Zeldas. It’s really great.
  6. Oh, cool. I'll be here then.
  7. The alpha chapter one looks like it might be ready soon. I’ll probably be sending you something then.
  8. That video was amusing.

    I do love it when a game is good enough that you honestly just don't want it to end.
  9. Also, THE YouTube algorithm never seems to disappoint

  10. Majora’s Mask is giving me that feeling that I haven’t had with a game for a while. I looked at my progress and I’ve got just one dungeon to go, six hearts left to collect, as well as fewer than ten masks left to uncover, and in my head I go “I’m not ready for this to end”. It’s been a good while since I’ve felt that about anything really. Didn’t know I was still capable of that lol
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